The parking systems of IZAMET afford an opportunity to park twice more cars in one and the same area.

The cars are parking in two levels one above other. The supporting platforms are hydraulic driven. The hydraulic equipment is well supplied through control valves of Blain Hydraulics, Germany.

Parking system at elevation 0 m

Designed for parking of two cars one above other and is offered in 2 (two) variants:
- for middle class cars up to 1450 kg;
- for cars with mass up to 2400 kg.

The hoisting device consists two columns with synchronous hydraulic driving. The system is secured again falling through by 4 electromechanical locks. It is installed outdoors or in inner room above reinforced concrete base with minimum thickness of 200 mm.  The system is certified according the EU Standards EN 60204:1998 and EN 1493:1998

Drive: hydraulic
Capacity of the motor: 1,8 kW
Power supply: 430V / 50 Hz