SL Dubai


SL Nature

The individual choice of the client determines the cars and doors for type Nature.

The main material is wood in  combination with other materials that the factory applies.

SL Lux mr White

Round angles and walls made of stainless steel with colored mirror cover, decorative luminous parapet, colored mirror – whole or 1/2, LCD display in the cabin and at the main stop, luminescent or LED lighting, the client can choose a floor cover that matches the building interior

SL Classic

Classic - Skin plate (steel with fabricated cover of PVC) Classic S - stainless steel (Inox Satine)

Automatic door (AD) made of skin plate or stainless steel (Inox Satine )

Corners, car bouttonnieres and the ceiling are made of stainless steel (Inox), lighting LED – vertical, parallel

Panoramic elevators

The panoramic cars can be manufactured by stainless steel with colored mirror cover or embossed stainless steel. The doors can transparent combination of triplex glass and stainless steel.

Passenger lifts

SL lifts are high-tech and design solutions for residential, office and commercial buildings. Designed and executed so as to provide reliable and silent operation, comfort and energy efficiency

Еscalators & Travelators

Escalators are a very good solution  for public and  trade centers with  intense traffic of people. 

Freight lifts

Manufactured from iron sheet with PVC film or stainless steel.

Automobile lifts

Manufactured from iron sheet with PVC film or stainless steel. The doors might be: Semi automatic, two paneled, prime painted; Automatic made of iron sheet with PVC film or Inox Satine

Parking systems

The parking systems of IZAMET afford an opportunity to park twice more cars in one and the same area.